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The portable printer series distributed by Hoo Feng Enterprise is definitely the ideal companion for every seious business person and lovers of life.

Goods Return Policy performs a thorough checking on all outgoing parcels before final packing and dispatch. We always make sure they are the correct items ordered and they are in perfect condition. All items sold and dispatched are strictly non-returnable or exchangeable, except faulty items

Product Warranty

Our one-year product warranty covers failure of the battery and printer parts resulting from manufacturing defects. 
The product warranty will be void when there is any damage to the equipment, including:
  1. dropping on the ground
  2. immersion in water
  3. forceful impact
  4. removal of the protection label.
Write to us to make a request for replacement of a faulty item BEFORE sending it back to us. Kindly provide the following details:
  • Your full name
  • Your order number
  • Description of the condition
Send your request to (email) or +6019 7799 229 (SMS).
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