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Print Anywhere, Anytime!
The portable printer series distributed by Hoo Feng Enterprise is definitely the ideal companion for every seious business person and lovers of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Basic Settings

Q1: What are the settings required prior to start use of the mobile printer?
A: Users can start using the mobile printer by performing a simple Bluetooth pairing. No complicated settings needed.
Q2: How long it takes to charge the mobile printer?
A: If the printer power is completely depleted, it takes approximately three hours to fully recharge.
Q3: How long can the mobile printer print after a full charge?
A: After a full charge, it allows you to
  1) Print continuously for 1 hour; or
  2) Standby up to 15 days.
Q4: Can the mobile printer be used with devices running on Android, Symbian (Nokia) and Windows 8 systems?
A: Yes, it runs well on all these operating systems.
Q5: Can I run it on iOS as well?
A: We also distribute a separate model of mobile printer that runs on iOS. That is the T10i model (for iOS).

About Everyday Use

Q6: Who uses the mobile printer?
A: It is suitable for all those who need to print anytime, anywhere. Our clients include 4D operators, money changers, mobile sales professionals, and other merchants who need immediate printing of receipts for payment received (including credit card receipts), tickets, parking receipts, etc.
Q7: Can I print a copy (duplicate) of my receipt?
A: Of course. It allows you to select how many copies you want, and it is easy to operate.
Q8: How fast can a mobile printer perform?
A: It prints at a steady speed of 50mm per second.
Q9: In addition to instantly printing receipt for new transactions, can I also reprint historical transaction?
A: Yes. You can print any new or old documents or records within your device as and when you need to do so. As long as your device has the printer software properly installed in it, you can print anything you want to.

About Maintenance Repair and Product Warranty

Q10: What does a product warranty cover?
A: Our one-year product warranty covers failure of the battery and printer parts resulting from manufacturing defects.
Q11: What circumstances would void the product warranty?
A: The product warranty will be void when there is any damage to the equipment, including (1) dropping on the ground (2) immersion in water (3) forceful impact (4) removal of the protection label.
Q12: How long does it take for a repair generally?
A: Very fast, it usually takes 2-3 days only.
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